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PAWS for Greatness 2014 Session I
March 30, 2014
**The Dogs Choose Their Trainers**

Time to get signed up for
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We have some great things planned
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As most of you know, we just finished hosting a two-day seminar given by Karen and Bob Deeds of Deeds Canine Connection. 
All I can say is WOW, what a weekend!  We all learned so much and it was great to just be there with a bunch of ‘dog’ people who want to understand their ‘Best Friends’ a little bit better.

Here is a brief follow-up on the event  from Diann Bowman, our Program Director:

Bob and Karen Deeds presented a very educational, enlightening and entertaining seminar. They are both very knowledgeable and passionate in the work they do with dogs.

They were both in tears when we did our PAWS presentation and video. 

They knew the basis of what we do because I have been telling them for 3 years.  But they really got it now. 

So after the presentation Bob Deeds has offered to help with a fundraiser.  He has a presentation he does that fills a house about his time at the World Trade Center in September 2001.  He and his canine partner, Kinsey, were there for 21 days working 12 hour shifts after 9/11.
He is a wonderful man and great speaker. 

Both Bob and Karen have offered to pop on up to Wichita Falls on occasion and teach a class for our PAWS kids.  (AWESOME!)

But what really brought down the house was when their generosity hit a level of unreal and they handed me back the check we had given them to pay for the seminar. They had already given us a deep discount on it in the first place.

We had a full house on Saturday and half a house on Sunday (the big ‘snow’ day), with folks there from the Vernon Animal Shelter, the Clay County  Animal Shelter, Cherry Heart Rescue, Texas Pit Crew,  Wichita Falls Animal Services, and also people from the Obedience Training Club, coming both days.  Just a great turn out and support for our program!

Thanks to our Board members who were able to come out and lend a hand: Tami, Liana, Karen K, Ali, Lisa, and also five of our PAWS Youths.  And last but not least, Suzanne, our Board president, who never stopped moving and handled all the little details for the food, getting people checked in and supplied with handouts, etc, etc, etc.  
Thanks to the Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls for allowing us to use their facility.  We appreciate you guys so much.

And thanks most of all to Bob and Karen Deeds for such a fun and informative seminar.  We are getting SO MUCH positive feedback on it, and we can’t wait to have you up here again.
Truly an AMAZING weekend, thank you everybody so much.


PAWS for Greatness, Inc. is a unique program in our community that pairs at-risk youth with homeless shelter dogs.

The PAWS for Greatness program uses a therapeutic approach to dog training.  The youth are taught to train the dogs with positive motivation methods in a spirit of mutual cooperation, not with force or violence. This makes them feel better about themselves as they learn valuable life, social, and leadership skills.  In turn, the dogs learn love, trust, and obedience skills that make them more adoptable. The youths are giving back to their community in a positive way by saving the lives of shelter dogs, and the dogs' likelihood of being adopted into forever homes is greatly increased.  It is a win for both sides!
At the end of the program comes a public graduation ceremony where the teens are recognized for all of their hard work and the dogs are then made available for adoption into forever homes. Talk about benefits all the way around . . . benefits for the at-risk youths, for the shelter dogs themselves, and for the shelters and rescues that refer the dogs to us.  It doesn't get much better than that!

                    2013 Summer Session III
         Graduation/Adoption Event at RBNC

We are very proud of the PAWS for Greatness program and all the lives that it touches, and we invite you to join us and become a part of it! 

Snuggle Time!

 Nichole and Butterscotch

Westen and Rocket


At this time, PAWS for Greatness classes are being held at the Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls.  Check out these pictures of some of the youth and dogs!   

Autumn and Ducky

Brianna and Olivia

Graduation Ceremony at Nissan of Wichita Falls,
one of our generous corporate sponsors.



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